Monday, January 23, 2012

Monday Moustache: Moustaches of Steele

This marks the thirty-sixth post in a recurring segment on moustaches.

Today's moustache:

Michael Steele

Monday Moustaches have returned! And it's about damn time. The months have rolled by and the Third Strike has been... indisposed to write. Moustaches came into the media, with Movember making national news and Heineken commercials celebrating the handlebar 'stache. Obviously word got out about the glory of grooming a fuzzy facehugger... terribly timed for Third Strike.

But that intermission is over, and just like Newt Gingrich it's a second wind. Or is it, appropriately, the third?

Just like a Newt Gingrich candidacy, you can't keep a good moustache down. Michael Steele may have been unceremoniously tossed out of his Republic National Committee chairmanship, but you know what? I still see him on the news a lot more than his replacement, Reince Priebus. Not only does Reince violate the "I before E Rule", but he sufferes a severe moustache deficiency.
The Daily Show has featured Michael Steele regularly as the soup-rejecting customer Muppet. Ironic, of course, since he has an outstanding soup-catcher of a 'stache.
Michael Steele, feeling blue after losing his position
Let's hope Mr. Steele stays in the spotlight. 2011 was a year full of magnificent moustaches, and with his help we can elect to keep 2012 the same!

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