Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday Moustache: Moustache Will Always Love You

 This marks the thirty-eighth post in a recurring segment on moustaches.

Today's moustache:
Latif Yahia

Before diving into who this guy is, Third Strike would like to give respect to the passing of the legendary recording artist, Whitney Houston. She was a genuine talent.

With her in mind, and (in some small way) to honor her passing, Third Strike began looking for a famous Bodyguard with a notable moustache. Kevin Costner, of course, did not live up to scruffy scrutiny.

And then it really turned out to be hard to find. Well, kind of hard.

....the theme song for the search was about to become "I Have Nothing". At least that's one good Whitney reference. But we won't admit defeat!

Third Strike eventually compromised our illustrious standards in two ways.
First, this Monday's recipient shows up as having a beard, something we find as an unneccesary and undesirable distraction from stache grandeur.

Second, Latif Yahia wasn't exactly a bodyguard... he was a body double. A body double for one of Saddam Hussein's sons, no less... putting him in close proximity to another dangerously infamous moustache.

Excellent Cliche Bodyguard!
So while he might not be exactly what we hoped for, Latif Yahia is an interesting guy worth writing about.
In fact, a recent a film starring Dominic Cooper was made to tell the story. Check out this trailer (FULL of moustachey goodness):

As often happens, the fictitious version of the moustache is superior to the reality. This is why the Third Strike spends as little time in reality as humanly possible.

Allegations have come out since that film was released that Yahia has exaggerated.... well... everything... and actually impersonated Uday Hussein to pick up women. People to dispute the story include Yahia's ex wife. To use the Newt Gingrich standard of journalism, that means we should immediately stop asking questions and ignore her!

It's pretty clear that this guy's judgement is a bit off, whether his stories are true or not; it's pretty well confirmed that Uday Hussein was a scary, psychotic guy. Impersonating him (and allegedly getting arrested for said impersonation in 1990) probably isn't a fantastic idea. Nor would it be a good idea to work for/with him. But growing a moustache IS a fantastic idea, so... things kind of balance out.

Now that we've really fallen down the rabbit hole, I think it's time to concede that this is the most bizzare and inappropriate way to honor Whitney Houston. Oh well. I Have Nothing.

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