Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Ryan Reynolds May Actually Star in a Good Comic Book Movie

For those who don't live in a Fictional Universe, let me tell you: Green Lantern is one of the most visually stunning comics currently being published.. It's absolutely beautiful!

The series features heroes who can literally create "light constructs" of anything that comes to their mind, so long as they have the Will to do it. Or whatever, listed below.

The newly introduced Emotional Spectrum adds more complexity to the Green-based comic mythology. The existing organizations:

Green Lantern Corp: Powered by Will. Grace not required.
Red Lantern Corp: Powered by Rage. Mostly Windows Vista users.
Sinestro Corp (Yellow Lanterns): Powered by their ability to inspire Fear. E.g. Glenn Beck.
Blue Lantern Corp: Powered by Hope (and powerless without a Green Lantern) Obama needs a Green Lantern
Indigo Tribe: Powered by Compassion. Oprah.
Star Sapphires: Powered by Love. Comprised of mostly crazy ex-girlfriends.
Agent Orange: Just one lantern, Larfleeze, who is powered by his insatiable Greed

I know what you're thinking: what the hell is The Third Strike talking about? This is way too nerdy & complicated.

Basically, it's a bunch of colors attacking each other, okay??? It's awesome. It's visually intoxicating. It's like... a constant War of Rainbows.
From Fox's "When Rainbows Attack"

And now, Green Lantern going to be a movie, starring the best lantern of them all, Hal Jordan.

Ryan Reynolds will be playing Hal, and this won't be his first Super-powered rodeo. However, it MIGHT be his first good one.

So far it's been:
Blade Trinity, as a Vampire
X Men: Origins... Wolverine, as Deadpool
Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle, as a Male Nurse.

Although those films have been disappointing, fans are hoping that Ryan Reynolds (and the rest of the film) will pull through... and give his fans their brightest day.

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  1. Upon Further review, there is still a pretty good chance that this movie could be awful.