Friday, April 1, 2011


The Third Strike has been nominated for the peak prize in journalistic awesomeness... THE PULITZER PRIZE. SERIOUSLY??? No, seriously?
The Pultizer Prize. I am not making this up.

How, you ask, did a humor blog get nominated? Was it our founding of  The First Church of the Third Strike,where we established ourselves as a church with the equal legal and tax protection?

Perhaps it was our coverage of WikiLeaks (and the upcoming documents revealing the incoming invasion of giant ants...) that brought us to the attention of the board.

Maybe it was our spotlight on the power of mustaches. Whatever it was, I don't know; I looked up the details  about the award this morning.

Apparently, anyone can be an "entrant" for the Pultizer prize; you simply need to be nominated. I'm still trying to figure out who nominated Third Strike. From there, a group of juries select "nominated finalists" who fall under the different categories of the award. Categories have evolved over time... for example, they no longer award the Putlizer for Telegraphic Reporting. You can read more details on Wikipedia.

Anyhow, apparently there at least two new categories this year: Creative-Fiction Blogging and Editorial Blog Writing. Guess which one Third Strike falls under?

Anyways, I'm utterly speechless; Third Strike is a tiny dot in the gargantuan blogging universe, and I appreciate all the support of my readers. Thank you all for inspiring me, and making this possible.
**April Fools**

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  1. You're welcome Third Strike. Keep on, keeping on