Monday, August 30, 2010

Superpower: Superdickery

Today, I am posting my first link to another site: And it's for a good reason. This is revealing something that the Pro-Superman comic book community has been trying to hide under the carpet for years and years.

Superman is kind of a dick.

Most people know that Batman is kind of a dick. He even had a sidekick named Dick Grayson. Coincidence? I think not. Batman is a paranoid, humorless, vengeful guardian of Gotham City who trusts no one. And since his paranoia usually serves him to be right, we all love him for it.

Superman, on the other hand, represents America: strong, patriotic, invincible, and well-intended--fighting for the morally just.. at the expense of always planning ahead effectively. While he may get beaten from time to time by a bald guy with no powers (just because he is able to think and plan), to criticize Superman kind of feels like criticizing America.

But then you have incidents like this:
What the hell is that all about? Jimmy is giving Superman a present and (for some reason) Superman has decided to use his heat vision to show his contempt for the gift. Don't they have manners of Krypton? Just ask if he has a gift receipt if you don't like it!

There are more examples of this kind of general fiendishness:

As you can see, this isn't just an isolated incident! highlights an entire portfolio of Superman picking on people. It also has a section on monkeys in comics. You can't spell "capes" without "apes"!

As Superdickery kindly points out, you don't really need to stick up a library at gunpoint. They pretty much let you take the books for free.

Superman's unbridled behavior is clearly a sympton of a larger problem: those with superpowers get drunk with power and begin acting superior, picking on those without.

Could this be a problem for the real superpower, America?

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