Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Howl-oween 2: Attack of Chubbs

Just as Halloween movies are famous for having sequels (aren't we on Saw 7 now? And did Paranormal Activity really need a sequel?) a Halloween post on dogs in costume clearly needs a follow up as well.

Besides, I am trying to stack the deck here in the polling battle (see the side bar) of Cutest in Costume: Dogs vs. Cats vs. Babies.

Vote now! It's more important than the midterm elections.

Chubbs is my friend Alan's pet Pug. Pugs, for whatever reason, are the funniest dogs of all time-- especially when in costume. Alan believes it is their deadpan stare. I think it might be their bug-eyes and the possibility that they are actually aliens.


Hot DOG! Tastes better than baby!

Santa Chubbs

Uhhh... Chubbs, your head is on the other--- Oh, Nevermind...

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