Monday, October 11, 2010

Monday Moustache

The ninth post in a recurring segment on moustaches.

Today's mousatche-- Special Columbus Day Edition-- dedicated to the New York Comic Con:


It's likely that this moustache will be lost upon readers who aren't huge nerds. But then, those readers might have been lost at the beginning when the Third Strike began writing weekly posts dedicated to the glory of moustaches. That's the thing about moustaches-- they're hip, edgy, and dangerous. Just like Sinestro.

Where to begin?
Sinestro isn't in any big Hollywood movies... YET. Soon he will star in the Green Lantern, starring Ryan Reynolds. This is not to be confused with the Green Hornet film starring Seth Rogan. If you can confuse Ryan Reynolds with Seth Rogan, seek help.

One of these films looks like an awesome intergalactic superhero flick; the other has Seth Rogan as an action hero. Err... yeah.

Sinestro (Mark Strong... the bad guy from Kick-Ass AND Sherlock Holmes) will be the mentor of Green Lantern Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds). Given that Mark Strong will be playing him, he will probably be completely awesome The movie comes out Summer of 2011-- at which point all of this might start making sense.

Basically, Sinestro starts out as Denzel Washington from Training Day... in space. Like the guys from The Sheild or Dirty Harry, you can see where he is coming from, but his methods are anywhere from questionable to unnecessarily brutal. Eventually he pulls a Harvey Dent and becomes an all-out bad guy.... but a compelling and interesting one. And he becomes more powerful by scaring the crap out of the people.

So why is this post turning into a lecture in Intermediate Nerdiness 201?

Well, the Third Strike wrangled its way into the New York Comic Con this weekend, and got its Nerd on. Many posts will be following.

Amanda even got on stage with Stan Lee! She may have had a conversation about Rob that went something like this:

In comic books, there are not all that many moustaches. I racked my brain. But Sinestro didn't let the fact that he is not a human keep him from growing out an intimidating and memorable 'stache. And dammit, that kind of pioneering entitles the guy to the Columbus Day Monday Moustache.

It's a brand new world.


  1. Lmfao! My boyfriend got those movies confused!!! lmfao I called him retarded! I'm not into the green hornet...BUT THE GREEN LANTERN IS SO ON MY LIST DAMMIT!!!!

  2. I wrote a post about the Green Lantern and somebody tried to tell me that Sinestro isn't a villain at all :(

  3. @Gina-- he might have meant for the film he won't be the villain. It's kind of like James Franco in Spiderman 2-3... a frenemy?

    If that doesn't cover it, well... if you ask me, anyone who joins an "Injustice League" is a villain.

    I mean... c'mon.