Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday Moustache

The eighth post in a recurring segment on moustaches.

Today's moustache:

Captain Hook

Captain Hook has the most infamous moustache in all of Neverland. While he is not hunting down Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, he is commanding his ship with its absolute authority.
Those are his opponents...

His moustache is no accident; most captains would be in jeopardy of a mutiny for repeatedly demonstrating an inability to hunt down and eliminate a group of pre-teens that dress up (for some reason) as various cuddly forest animals.
Make a power grab, Smee!

For that reason alone, Captain Hook is one tough cookie. Not because of his success, but his incredible ability to avoid responsibility for failure.

...still not intimidating.

Hook is not one to show restraint, either. He forced one of his disloyal pirates into a box and dropped scorpions inside. He is a master of fencing AND he has a bonus weapon for a hand. Meanwhile, the Lost Boys use non-lethal attack methods to defeat his boatload of pirates.

Lookie, Lookie, I got Hookied

His only successful murder so far has been: Rufio... Rufio... Rufio...

Perhaps the other pirates are superstitious about a guy whose last name is "Hook" ending up with a hook for a hand. What are the odds?

Good Form, Peter!

Captain Hook is stalked by a crocodile who ate his hand-- and has a hankering for the rest of him.

Lucky for Hook, the reptile also downed a ticking clock, providing him warning of impending doom.

Again, these traits seem to make Hook more trouble than he is worth. Hunted by crocodiles. Outfoxed by children, mermaids, and fairies. What does he have going for him?

He has the moustache. No one can bring themselves to question its authority.

Neverland... heed the 'stache.

Clap, if you believe in it! CLAP!

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