Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Worst Baby Costumes: Because Some Parents Want To Send Their Kids To Counseling

And now, the time of year everyone (especially Third Strike) has been looking forward to: Halloween! Aside from giving me lots of reasons to eat candy and cross-dress, I enjoy Halloween mostly as reason to get drunk and laugh at people. And today I will specifically be focusing my energy on laughing at babies. Mean?, you ask? Why, no.

I'm not sure why, but there seem to be many parents out there who - well, let's be frank here - hate their children. This can be proven through the showcasing of utterly ridiculous costumes that parents are putting their babies in for Halloween. Maybe I am just a tad bitter from being forced to wear a clown costume when I was six years old. If you see nothing wrong with this, then you should seek mental help immediately.

Below are some of the worst [although amusing] baby costumes I found through a quick Internet search this morning:

Awww if only I could really hang my child from my review mirror.

I always was suspicious about the makeup of hot dogs... hmmm.

This baby looks SO confused. Mommy?

Oh, the Travelocity Gnome!

I just... have nothing to add to this.

At least this costume accurately displays the smell of babies!
Note: Do not sit on your baby.

Okay, I get it. It's funny to dress up your baby for Halloween. They're wobbly and can't really say shit to stop you!


  1. Ha - YES. Those are classic. Damn, you're good, Amanda.

  2. So, I thoroughly thought I would be defending some of these, because I really feel like slightly inappropriate baby costumes are hilarious. However, these are not "slightly inappropriate" these are "completely inappropriate" and I agree. These are bad. Is that an alien coming out of a chicken's gut? Gross. And traumatizing.

    Note: do not sit on your baby. Classic. Awesome line.

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  4. That baby in the lobster costume sure looks like he's about to cry! On the other hand, that baby in the car freshener costume looks as if he's enjoying the costume!