Monday, October 11, 2010

Third Stike Goes To Comic Con.

Photo by Jehangir Irani.

Ladies and gentlemen, Third Strike is about to release a sleuth of "NERD" upon you all today. Perhaps this is because we are still coming down from the high from this weekend, as obtained from a big huge bong hit of NY COMIC CON.

I decided to shower Rob with the ultimate surprise: a trip (press pass included) to the annual nerd event of New York City. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways: One day of forgoing massive amounts of comic book subject-matter.

Yes, we saw it all - aliens, storm troopers, Spiderman, people engaging in light saber fights - you know, typical NERD stuff.

But most importantly, Rob and I have met the man, the myth, the legend - Mr. Chewbacca himself!!! No, that is not Bigfoot! But any true nerd would recognize that furry face:

<---Rob can hardly contain his excitement. His nerd is bursting at the seams!

--->I'm definitely grabbing Chewbacca's hairy ass with my other hand. He liked it.

ANYWAY, enough about molesting mythical creatures. Here are some more photos from this weekend's adventures to Comic Con in New York City:

Stan "The Man" Lee. What comic expo would be complete without him?!
Side note: moments after this I used my press credentials to stand on stage with Stan Lee to get some video, suddenly becoming the envy of all nerds, including Rob.

Rob and Harley Quinn. He is SO happy.

Showing Spidey some love.

Fist pumping the Right Hand of Doom!!!

Why so serious?

Me, getting attacked by a facehugger... or just giant alien balls. Kind of terrifying.
Photo by Jehangir Irani.

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