Thursday, March 31, 2011

Throwback Thursday: Japanese Radiation Fears on the Rise

(New York, New York) - As thousands of Japanese, still awaiting answers on the fate of their loved ones nearly three weeks after an immense earthquake and subsequent tsunami, Americans in New York City are now beginning to feel the effects.  Trace amounts of radiation have been detected in rain water, runoff and in bananas across the city.

Representatives to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission were surprised to find a large concentration of deadly Iodine-143 radiation near a local pet shop in Brooklyn.  Radiation is said to exceed 5000 times the norm.

In unrelated news, crime is on the rise near the local pet shop.  Among the items stolen: 4 pet turtles, 4 yards of blue, red, orange and purple fabric, various weapons and 432 pizzas.  A female suspect in a tight yellow jumpsuit has been taken into questioning at the local precinct.

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