Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Closet Comic Book Movies (Part 2)

Today, I am continuing my post on "comic book movies you didn't realize were based on comics." Why? Because nothing is more comic-y than sequels!  There are still plenty of films that have not yet gotten their due, so this is their turn! I will say that most of these films I have not seen, so my commentary on them is strictly asinine. They're random, they're weird, they are:

6. Art School Confidential

I know nothing about this film. But I learned recently that is based on a comic book! The series and film make fun of art school. As if those kids didn't get enough of that in High School.
Apparently John Malkovich plays The Penguin

7. Bulletproof Monk
Chow Yung-Fat and Seann William Scott.

Or, better said...

The yellow-scare pirate from At World's End and Stifler.

8. Constantine

Keanu Reeves always needs his chance to save the world!

For some reason, the title was changed from Hellblazer to Constantine for this film. Perhaps it was to prevent confusion with Hellraiser.... because Hollywood thinks that we are all stupid. Pinheads?

9. Fritz the Cat
Cats having sex. It was a comic first. What a trip.
I don't even have anything snarky I can say to this.

10. Alan Moore Films: From Hell & V for Vendetta
Alan Moore preparing for his role as a homeless warlock

From Hell was the first Alan Moore film that he hated, but it would not be the last. Later, Watchmen, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, and even V for Vendetta all eventually received his wrath. I think that's crazy, since the last one is a fantastic film. Nonetheless, Moore hated that it was modernized to speak to a contemporary audience. Someone is a little overprotective. He should do what George Lucas did and sell out! And shave...

What is this about.
11. Ghost World
I don't know...
In Ghost World, Scarlett Johansen plays a girl who is unpopular in high school. All former teenage boys: kick yourselfThora Birch also stars.

12. Red

Bruce Willis and John Malkovich in a comic book film? And Morgan Freeman? And Helen Mirren? WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS??? Netflix, here we come!

13. The Rocketeer

Take THAT, Nazi!
Is that James Bond as a villain?
If you haven't seen this, it's an older comic book film (1991). It's actually pretty awesome, and involves fighting Nazis. All the best movies are about fighting Nazis. Or they have Bruce Willis.

14. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

This one might be obvious. But the comic is a recent one, and very popular strip. The film was pretty rockin' too. Thank you Amanda for showing me!

15. Surrogates

This movie was boring, DESPITE starring Bruce Willis. It was way too similar to the film Gamer with Gerard Butler (and DEXTER!). But hey, Netflix recommended it to my instant queue. I guess I can't complain.

16. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
You know you love them

I'm simply including these guys because they were, in fact, comic book characters before being immortalized as comic book characters and movie stars. Or being played by Cory Feldman.

17. Weird Science

Weird Science was a bizarre magazine. Then it got turned into a bizarre story about virgins who create a Frankenstein-like human sex machine who happens to look like Kelly LeBrock. Nicely done, geeks, nicely done.

I think this film was made for the kids who read the magazine.... virgins!
Comic for virgins!
Film for virgins!

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  1. RED was surprisingly good. It was my hubby's pick for a date night, and I went thinking it would a decent action flick, and it was, but it was also hilarious.