Monday, December 13, 2010

Monday Moustache: It Will Rock You

The eighteenth post in a recurring segment on moustaches.

Today's moustache:
Freddie Mercury

Last week, the Monday Moustache was awarded to an athletic champion; this week, it goes to a Killer Queen.

Freddie Mercury, lead singer of Queen and notable 'stache enthusiast, was not just a rock god, but a force of nature. When Queen sings that "We Will Rock You", you have to believe it. After all, they are the champions.

The ballad/opera/rock attack "Bohemian Rhapsody" actually breaks Newton's laws of physics. The song's waveform fluctuates throughout the different sections so drastically it looks like Richard Nixon's lie detection test results.

I am not a crook. *Under Pressure*
Truth be told, it's not really fair to compare Freddie Mercury to Richard Nixon; Freddie made his position crystal clear:

"I don't wanna be a candidate
for Vietnam or Watergate, 
cause all I wanna do is 

Freddie's Statue in Tottenham Court Road
And bicycle he did... into the halls of glory and moustache fame. Mercury's unbeatable song portfolio and groovy lifestyle inspired the London musical We Will Rock You, a dystopian story where Queen's music ends up saving the Earth. If you are ever in London, do yourself a favor and see it.

Even Lady Gaga's name is derivative of Queen; She was told (early in her career) that her vocals are reminiscent of Freddie Mercury, and she used his song "Radio Gaga" to create her stage identity. Freddy didn't need to wear a dress made of cheeseburger.

Not a gay icon?
Freddie's life is full of mythology, some being true and some false. For example, despite his status as a gay icon, he had a long-term relationship with a woman (Mary Austin) whom he felt was his one true friend. However, he was certainly not bound by heterosexuality, and his constant flings eroded any monogamous relationships. Neither men nor women could resist his 'stache. 

Born Farrokh Bulsara (a name that bites the dust), Freddie claimed he was a shy man off of the stage. Probably why he grew a moustache to hide behind!

Tragically, Freddie died from AIDS in 1991, but his legend lives on. He once sang "Who Wants to Live Forever?"

He will.
"Don't Stop Me Now"

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  1. Most incredible artist ever. Best stache ever. Excellent combination.