Monday, December 13, 2010

Closet Comic Book Movies (Part 3)

My second post was meant to close out this subject, but I just found out about another comic book film (a franchise, actually) that I never would have guessed originally came from comics.

18. Men In Black

The Men In Black film spawned a sequel, an album, a cartoon show, and the career of Will Smith.
There is apparently an upcoming third installment that, unlike Indiana Jones 4, won't be ruined by having aliens.

One has to ask, what is this movie going to be about? I'm not sure if I ever even saw the sequel. Apparently some jackass is in it.

The point remains that this is a comic book film! The comics began in 1990, and ran in limited series published by Aircel comics (bought later by Marvel). The film came out in 1997, and focused strictly on aliens (the comics apparently had a Hellboy-type approach). Is Hellboy a closet comic book film? That one seems obvious...

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  1. Wow! Again, I had no clue this was derived from a comic book.