Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Amanda: Mustache Stalker, And So Can YOU!

Yes, it is I! I know, I have disappeared and left all the blogging to Rob for the past several months. There are no excuses for this! I have been very busy feeding my Justin Bieber obsession. No really, he's tied up in my basement and I have been feeding him.
I have this exact image tattooed on my left breast.
Anyway, here at the Third Strike we clearly have an affinity for mustaches. I have had a love for the stache ever since I decided to grow one myself several years ago:
Nothing is sexier on a woman than facial hair.   
Hence, we created the beloved Monday Moustache to honor those with the best staches out there! Until now, we have been honoring only those with recognized names and staches. But there are so many other people out there who deserve credit!! Therefore, I invite you all to send us your pictures of great mustaches seen (or worn) by you. I snapped this photo during my way home on the subway last night. I forgot to turn off the blinding flash on my iPhone so needless to say, I wasn't very discreet. However, I salute the man who grew this white beauty!
Reading the paper never looked so fantastic.
Do you have a mustache worthy of Third Strike moucstache glory?! Are you a creeper fond of stalking strangers by taking photos of them in public? Send us your photos to theThirdStrikeBlog@gmail.com along with your first name and location (city, state) and we will feature it on our blog.  
Note: This game is in the name of fun only. We don't wish to make fun of others, only salute them for their glorious mustaches.

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