Monday, February 14, 2011

Third Strike Loves You!

Valentines Day is here, and men nationwide are discovering that reservations are not just for the Indians. "Native Americans" doesn't sound as funny.... COME ON!

Because Third Strike loves readers, we're going to help the romantically-challenged with some tips for their love lives. What qualifies Third Strike to give dating tips? Well, over the years we have learned much from friends and foes alike about the subtle art of seduction. Stop asking so many questions.

#1 Romance Tip: grow a moustache for your lady
Men (Dating Women):

1. On a date, don't refer to your "Man Cave", "Beer Cave", or "Bat Cave", whether you have one or just dream of having one. For some reason, women don't like caves.

2. No woman will be fooled into thinking an entry-level salesman at Enterprise Rent-a-Car is expecting to retire at 30. "We pick you up" is also the employee dating slogan.

3. There is an inverse relationship between the number of messages you leave, and the interest a woman has in calling you back.

4. Stealing quotes from movies and TV shows will probably work for a while, but be careful; you may get caught, become a phony, or simply run out of material. The same applies for recycling material. Reduce your carbon-dating footprint.

5. If a girl brings you to Comic Con, she probably likes you, and is definitely a keeper.

Coming Soon: Women (Dating Men)

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