Monday, February 7, 2011

Monday Moustache: Football Fuzz

The twenty-sixth post in a recurring segment on moustaches.

Today's moustache:

Mike Ditka

In honor of this Sunday's Super Bowl, this Monday is devoted to an All-American mustache that doesn't quit when the game is on the line.

"Iron Mike" has a Moustache of Steel, famous for coaching the Chicago Bears. Yes, I realize the Chicago Bears did not play at the Super Bowl, but Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers both sport the less magnificent goatee.

The Chicago Bears had a much-improved season, finishing 11-5 and getting bumped out of the playoffs by Super Bowl Champs the Green Bay Packers. Thank you Wikipedia, for filling me in on all the football I have missed this season.

None of this, of course, has anything to do with Mike Ditka. The coach hasn't been with the Bears since 1997 and he retired in 1999. I just wanted to be topical.

I'm not sure how many sports fans have any interest in Third Strike. Maybe people who stumble here expecting something about baseball or a bowling blog... suckers.

Where were we? Ah, yes... Mike Ditka.

Ditka won three Super Bowls under his moustache's leadership. Good job! 

And of course... he opened a chain of restaurants, where fans convene to talk about da' Bears.

Ok... enough football. Time to watch the new episode of Glee.

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