Monday, February 28, 2011

For Faking a Stutter, Artie Leaves Colin Firth

Major controversy erupted this Sunday when Colin Firth gave his acceptance speech with full British charm, and absolutely no stutter (although he did admit to nervousness).

Colin won for his role in The King's Speech, in which he plays a stammering King George VI.

This clearly shows that the stutter that Firth was doing was phony! And while we can certainly say well done, shame on him for faking a speech impediment! Who doesn't find that offensive? Everyone.

OK, so he's an "actor, acting". Bull-honkey. That didn't get me out of a ticket when I told the officer I wasn't speeding. I was just reenacting a scene from The Fast and the Furious on I-95.

You know who else faked a stutter? TINA COHEN-CHANG from Glee!

Artie Abrams is sure to be devastated by Colin Firth's betrayal.
Why Colin!? Why!?
Or maybe Jenna Ushkowitz should get an Academy Award for Best Actor.  I know, Best Actress seems more apt. But nobody is going to take that award from Natalie Portman. Besides, she's pregnant! Babies!

All I really know is that I will now have to watch The King's Speech since it has officially been declared a good movie by whatever collection of people it is that decide these things.

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