Friday, February 4, 2011

Look Out, Anderson Cooper!

Egypt usually looks like a majestic place, owning the legacy of the oldest advanced society known to man.
But sometimes Egypt gets scary. Like when the Mummy gets loose and attacks Brendan Fraser.

Right now, Egypt is ablaze with riots and protests geared towards ending Hosni Mubarak's 30 year reign. Some riots have sadly erupted into violence and clashes between anti-Mubarak and pro-Mubarak crowds. There have even been concerns about the Egyptian police and military posing as members of the crowds to discredit them as angry looters.

Clearly, this is a serious, dangerous affair. Why in the world is Third Strike writing about it?

Speaking for myself, being in Egypt right now would make me more nervous than a Sphinx during a rhinoplasty.
Worst nose job ever...
But the journalistic news media, for one, have been braving the dangers to cover the story. Specifically targeting journalists, Egyptians have made 21 assaults and detained 24 journalists according to the Committee to Protect Journalists.

One particular super-journalist has especially been in the mix: Anderson Cooper!

Anderson has a much better nose
Anderson Cooper has become more than a mild-mannered journalist and has turned into some kind of superhero: Super Cooper! And like Clark Kent or Lois Lane, he has found himself in harms way.

Twice over the course of the past few days, Cooper and his news crew have come under attack!  Even as Katie Couric returns to New York and Brian Williams distances himself to Jordan, Andersoon Cooper has decided to stay in Cairo. On two separate occasions, Cooper, has come under attack: his head has been punched (ten times!), his car windows have been smashed, and his team has narrowly escaped more serious violence.

Later, Anderson tweeted:
Dammit Cooper, can you worry about staying ALIVE instead of staying LIVE?
Let me be the first person to say, I respect the hell out of what Anderson Cooper is doing: he is a real journalist, not a talking head who stays in a cozy safe house of media judgement, spouting conspiracy theories or insulting Michelle Bauchman.

But DAMMIT, Anderson, be reasonable! We don't need America's newsman to go walking through turbulent and rowdy crowds to see "what they're thinking". I'm pretty sure we get the point from the burning effigies of Mubarak.

And come on Cooper! You got beaten up by Pee-Wee Herman! You're not that tough!!!

He says it himself: those steel blue eyes are a national treasure. KEEP THEM SAFE ANDERSON! GUARD THEM FROM ALL ANGLES!!! Let's protect Anderson from 360 Degrees.

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