Sunday, January 30, 2011

100 Posts!

Today marks Third Strike's one-hundredth post since inception. Inception, as in the beginning. I'm not sure how many posts have been written since the film.

Let the celebration commence!
This note is legal tender in Uzbekistan, Latveria, and participating Chuck E. Cheeses'
As a reward to faithful readers, Third Strike has negotiated with the Federal Reserve to create new, collectible $100 bills that mark this tremendous and important milestone.

 Readers can receive "Moustached Benjamin's" by mailing Third Strike a 100 dollar bill. We will then ship collectable $100 bills to you (valued at around $100.001 and expected to keep gaining value!)

Note: due to customer demand, it is possible that there will not be enough "Moustached Benjamins" in supply; As a result, mailers may receive a "Moustached Lincoln", "Moustached Washington", or "Hamilton with Bunny Ears". I am told by our resident team of economists that all of these bills are  highly valued, although market forces may affect the resale price.

Aside from incredible collectibles, Third Strike would like to see the NEXT 100 posts entertain readers with just as many explosions, car chases, and exciting adventures as the first!
We have a few ideas as to how we're going to celebrate the next step, but we want reader input! How should Third Strike's centennial celebration?

1. Centurion Power Hour: 100 shots of beer in 100 minutes. We will film the resulting debauchery/hospital visit and try to convince Amy Winehouse to make a guest post.
2. Winter Wackiness: Naked snow angels. Snowmen with mustaches. Spelling "Third Strike" in the snow with...
3. Charlie Splinter, Columnist: Charlie Splinter is interviewed on current events, such as  the situation in Tunisia and Lactose-Free Milk Bones.
4. 30 Days in Beck: I try to watch 30 days of the Glenn Beck program on TV without losing my mind. Blogging & insanity will follow.
5. Charity: We do something good, for... somebody. As long as we get to be crazy.

If you'd like to share any other ideas you would like to see on Third Strike, email us at, and keep reading!

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