Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bane & Catwoman Cast for The Dark Knight Rises

So, it sounds like The Dark Knight might be Rising with a back brace.

"The Man Who Broke the Bat" has been confirmed to be a villain for Christopher Nolan's third Batman film!

Much earlier, reports came out that Tom Hardy (Inception) was cast to be in the film. Now, Comic Book Resources is reporting that his role will be Bane.

Bane broke the Batman's back in the Knightfall saga, and has been a regular character in video games and animation. In the comics, Batman was a versatile adversary who created a gauntlet to exhaust the Bat. In later adaptations (animation and video games) focus has centered on his use of Venom, vastly increasing his original strength and size. Nolan typically has been known to use "real" versions of characters, so it is likely we will see a Bane who resembles his original form (although what villains he will use in his gauntlet, and how the story will end is a much bigger question).

Anne Hathaway will be playing Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman. Whether she will act as a villain or dress in skin-tight leather has yet to be reported.

Nerds across the country are jumping up and down with anticipation. Me especially.

Arnold Schwarzenegger would like to make it known that he is available to reprise his role as Mister Freeze. He even has some new puns!

Bane will be a cooler villain


  1. I sure hope they don't mess this up....they already ruined catwoman for me by handing over the role to Halley Berry :(

  2. I'm still here, and still lovin' your blog. :P

    Awesome news to say the least. Both of those characters will be great, especially with Nolan's more humanized style of interpreting his characters. Oh and Anne Hathaway playing Catwoman doesn't make it any worse.