Thursday, January 13, 2011

DC Universe Online!

Move over, World of Warcraft, there is a new MMRPG in town. DC Universe Online is in stores and online now!
Fight crime with Superman from your parent's basement!
Oh yes, also please move over, City of Heroes. And all the other video games are out there that I don't know about.

MMRPG, for those of us with lives, is the acronym for a massive-multiplayer-role-playing game. In these games, a player controls a character/avatar within an entire "universe" of other interactive live players, not just the usual 2-4 players that connect with each other. In these games, the character has an inventory and statistics. My avatar is a Level 5 Virgin!

WARNING: There is an inverse relationship between time spent playing MMRPG's and Sex Appeal. Play at your own risk

Where Was I? Oh, that's right. Revealing embarrassing secrets about myself.

For an undisclosed amount of time last night, I was getting "pwned"  by a bunch of MMRPG All-Stars who know how to play these games. Being a DC Comics fan, I jumped right in with my "newb" boots on, never allowing myself to be a "noob".

Wait, what the hell did I just say?

Gamers have their own vocabulary that has developed into a lexicon of its own. But have no fear! Third Strike will provide:

The Gamer-English Dictionary

n. That thing I described earlier. Did you skip straight to the first list you saw? That's so lazy!

v. To "own" an opponent. "P" is the new "O". That might not catch on, but I'm Pptimistic. In other words, you have decimated, annihilated, or embarrassed your opponent with your mighty clicking and using hot-keys.

n. Someone new to gaming (or to a new game). This term is not really an insult, it basically amounts to calling your son "sport".

4. Noob
n. Apparently, the worst insult in the universe, meant for obnoxious gamers who spell poorly and use 3 or more LOL's per sentence. These people do exist.

That's actually all I know. 

Oh, and as for how the game compares to other games?

Um, I don't know. All I know is that I firmly believe it would more embarrassing to be caught playing an MMRPG than to be caught watching pornography.

DCUO is no Batman: Arkham Asylum (actually an incredible one player game... not embarrassing) but there are other people playing it who know what they're doing much more than me. And there are a ton of characters that come off the page into this digital universe.

What's that? I just wrote a blog about playing an MMRPG?

Oh no. I just Pwned myself!

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  1. This may be the end of our sex life, but least you have DC Universe to keep you warm at night. I'll miss you!

    Your girlfriend.