Monday, March 14, 2011

Domestic Disturbance


Early this month, I apologized for February's poor posting performance, and commit to do better. Alas, here we are in mid-March, and the posting has slowed to record stagnation. For that, I very much apologize.

Recently, the Third Strike has been negotiating the distance between New York City and Washington D.C. As is typical when Washington D.C. is involved, politics are frenzied and change is stuck in a legislative deadlock. Much like The Godfather Part III, the quality work of Washington that DOES get accomplished goes unsung, and the city pulls people "back in" every time they try to get out. It's not that bad a film!

Metaphors are Fun

New York, of course, does not care for politics, and is more about "getting stuff done", and does not particularly care to employ the skills of Washingtonians. New York is a little bit less impassioned and impulsive, and doesn't want Washington D.C. to pack its bags and move to somewhere foolish like New Jersey. Washington D.C. would like to follow its passions and pursue happiness, but the cities are having some difficulties in reaching consensus in the wisdom in that kind of rash audacity.

The result, readers? There have been fewer posts. Washington D.C. has been close to shutting down and has been moving on with life a few weeks at a time... but things are looking up. New York and D.C. are still two amazing places, and they still have a beautiful connection. I-95? And what's more... both places will tough it out, no matter what connection subsists.

The Third Strike is far from done.

Hooray for metaphors

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