Monday, March 28, 2011

Monday Moustache: Smokey and the Moustache

Today marks the thirty-second post in a recurring segment on moustaches.

Today's moustache:

Burt Reynolds

YES, it's him! Ladies want him, men want to be him, and moustaches want to be on him. He's Burt-Freaking-Reynolds.

Burt Reynolds has made several lifetime accomplishments, including the films White Lightning and its sequel Gator. Animated super-spy Sterling Archer is an enormous fan.
Burt Reynolds' #1 fan, wearing a homage fake moustache

Burt also starred in other hits, such as Smokey and the Bandit, Boogie Nights, The Longest Yard, and most famously, Sesame Street: The Movie.

Burt's moustache migrated north for the film, disguised as a unibrow... it somehow looks less bad-ass.

We should hand it to Burt Reynolds for aging gracefully; he is the king of the silver foxes. And most importantly, throughout the years... he has kept his glorious moustache!

There are no grey hairs south of Burt's nose
Burt has been romantically linked with a bundle of moustache-loving starlets, including two short-lived marriages. They may have been short lived for quotes like this:
"Marriage is about the most expensive way for the average man to get laundry done."
So.... Burt may not have been the greatest husband?

But when it comes to mustache, no one can question his Deliverance.

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