Monday, November 8, 2010

Monday Moustache: There Will Be Moustache!

The (lucky?) thirteenth post in a recurring segment on moustaches.

Today's moustache:
Daniel Day-Lewis

There are several great actors in the world, but there are few with as short and indisputably brilliant a portfolio as Daniel. Since 1997, he has been in only five films-- and yet he is still known as one of the most groundbreaking actors currently in the business.

How are is such an achievement made possible? Well, he is today's Monday Moustache, so guess where I'm going with this...

It's the MOUSTACHE of course! Sure he is a fantastic actor by himself, but his two greatest roles of the past ten years have had him sporting glorious facial hair... and they have been integral to his character, dammit.

The roles:

There Will Be Blood
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The film There Will Be Blood does not refer to actual violence in the film; it has some, but far less than say, Kill Bill: Volume 1.

The title actually refers to how the audiences' eyeballs may start bleeding by viewing the awesomeness of Daniel Day-Lewis' movie moustache. His facial hair gives him incredible superpowers like drilling oil without spilling it into the Gulf of Mexico and being able to drink other peoples' milkshakes. Tony Hayward drank YOUR milkshake.

**Spoilers Below**
Day-Lewis plays Daniel Plainview, an oil entrepreneur and Scroogey misanthrope.

Walter Sobchak from the Big Lebowski

Eventually, he commits some serious murder on his personal bowling alley, which makes it the most violent bowling incident since Walter Sobchak's violent "Mark it Eight" episode in The Big Lebowski.

He was being very un-Dude. But at least he didn't piss on anyones f***ing rug.

Gangs of New York
Moustache and Top Hat Combo? HELL-O!
**Spoilers Below**
In Gangs of New York, Day-Lewis plays Bill the Butcher, a meat-cutting, knife-throwing, crime-bossing thug. He is the main antagonist, and his moustached ferocity allows him to even kill Liam Neeson (Leonardo DiCaprio's father).

The film takes place during the American Civil War and deals with the violence in New York City at that time. Bill serves as the antagonist whom DiCaprio plans on killing for the entire film, despite adopting him and acting as a replacement father figure. It's probably just 'stache envy.

These two historical moustaches bring characters and history to life while pioneering new territory in the acting world. It is said that Daniel Day-Lewis is a method actor who refuses to break character in between sets and filming... and for a clear reason: you can't fake a 'stache like that. The moustache BECOMES Daniel Day-Lewis' character, and he becomes it.


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  1. First off, love the blog!

    Secondly, Daniel Day-Lewis is one of THE actors of our time. He's simply stunning to watch.

    Is it a coincidence that he stars in two of my favorite movies? (The same two you mentioned above.) Hell no!