Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The 5 Best Celebrity-Endorsed Inventions of All Time

5. The George Foreman Grill

Before this innovation, how did mankind ever make boxing-to-cooking analogies? George Foreman was once one of the most feared pugilists out there; now he's the guy you wish you had at your weekend barbeque.

The George Foreman Grill opened up the market to all sorts of new celebrity-endorsed products, like the Hulk Hogan Blender and the Lindsey Lohan Home-Rehab Kit.

4. The Model T

The Model T was named after the eponymous Mr. T, now known as a World of Warcraft character famous for his Knight-Elf Mohawk.

Before becoming a digital character, Mr. T took pity on the fools who were riding in horse-drawn carriages, and helped Henry Ford develop the idea of the "assembly line". They came up with the idea when Ford witnessed Mr. T knocking out opponents in a Rocky III montage, and realized that some sort of assembly line would be needed to build the required number of ambulances to respond to the aftermath.

3. The Samuel L. Jackson English Learning Program
Encouraging software that will enhance your career future. Unless you get eaten by dinosaurs. Or sharks. Or snakes.
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2. 50 Cent Bling

Unfortunately, 50 Cent's business quickly went into bankruptcy after several false-advertising lawsuits. But while this business was open, his was the cheapest bling around.

1. Flintstones' Cigarettes

While the known health risks of smoking might make us frown at this old advertisement, other cavemen have since been able to find their niche in the advertising industry. Cavemen have sold everything, from the wheel to car insurance. Yabba-Dabba-*cough*.


  1. Just sort of happened across your blog via Scott's Tip of the Day (Hope that's not weird or stalkery) Have you ever heard of Mental_Floss? Your blog has that vibe to it. Nice work! I enjoy your lists.

  2. Not weird at all! Glad to have new people stumbling onto the blog!

    I've seen the Mental Floss Magazine and liked it (though I don't have a subscription or anything) Do they have a blog too?

    I'll be sure to keep the lists coming!

  3. They sort of have a blog,their website has all their contributors with all kinds of fun stuff and lists and trivia: . Their shirts and stuff are nifty, too.